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Expert polybutylene repiping

Houses that uses polybutylene plumbing system can take up to 10-15 years before they show signs of failure. In this case, any repair to the piping is temporary. If your house uses polybutylene pipes, the real solution to the polybutylene issue is to completely repipe the potable water system. Delaying polybutylene replacement may have its consequences. Neighborhood Plumbing offers repiping services in Medford and Jackson County for over 15 years. We offer dependable 24-hour emergency services for your convenience.

  • New home piping

  • Repiping services

  • Pipe re-routing to avoid tree roots

  • Water line repairs

  • Repiping for deteriorating plumbing

  • Remodeling, new construction, additions, and fixtures.

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Repiping Drain cleaning Repiping

No one wants to deal with roots, grease and sludge. These are the main causes of drain line blockages. Leave it to our plumbers to solve all your drain-related problems in no time. Call us now.

Reliable drain cleaning services